Installing TimeTP in two ways

1. git clone

2. Download the file to your server.
Unzip by 'tar -xvf TimeTP.1.0.tar.gz'

Download TimeTP 1.0 (tar.gz) (Updated on 2016-07-02)

Prerequisite for TimeTP

TRAP needs Python and following Python packages.
Click to download and install each package.

  • Python ver 2.X
  • SciPy (ver. 0.15.0 ~)
  • NumPy
  • NetworkX (ver. 1.5 ~)
  • During DEG selection, TimeTP uses Limma and DESeq2
    for microarray and RNA-seq data, respectively.

  • limma
  • DESeq2
  • Running TimeTP

    Please refer to MANUAL page or README file in the package.