BioVLAB-MMIA-NGS is system for MicroRNA-MRNA Integrated Analysis using High throughput Sequencing data by Utilizing Cloud Computing Environment.

miRNA mRNA Integrated Analysis (MMIA)

MiRNAs have been known to play critical roles in gene regulation. Integrated analysis between miRNAs and mRNA would have the potential to reveal biological relationships between miRNA expression and their targeting mRNA expression changes, and eventually their biological meaning. Recruiting high throughputs sequencing technology, which allows genome-scale measurement of expression, the integrated analysis produces broader and more accurate, and even novel results such as novel miRNAs.


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BioVLAB-MMIA-NGS is Cloud-based miRNA mRNA integraed analysis system using NGS data. System computes differentially/significantly expressed miRNAs (DEmiRNAs) and mRNAs/genes (DEGs), and with targeting information, DEGs targeted by DEmiRNAs and having negative correlation between them are extracted. Main results provided by BioVLAB-MMIA-NGS pipeline are following,
  • Gene Set Annalysis
  • DEGs targeted by DEmiRNAs and also negative correlated between them are directly sent to DAVID, a functionaly annotation tools. Functional annotation, clustering, chart will be provided through the DAVID API.
  • miRNA mRNA target Network Analysis
  • Differentially expressed miRNAs and thier target information to DEGs are injected to Cytoscape. Without installation process, the Cytoscape will be launched with constructed network information.
  • Alignment Visualizaion
  • For sequencing data, alignment result to reference genome will be visualized through Integrative Genome Viewer (IGV) without installation process. This will provide functionality to lookup the single resolution detail for the data.
  • Pathway Analysis
  • Through the DAVID API, KEGG pathway information will be delivered to user.
  • Novel miRNA Prediction
  • Optional analysis. Computationally predicted novel miRNA candidates will be dilivered to user.

Getting started

Launcing the BioVLAB-MMIA-NGS job is simple. With miRNA, mRNA sample information and Amazon account informtaion, you are ready to go!

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